Not a lot of commentary today.  We went on a small group tour (8 of us) to the Alps (Dolomites, to be exact).  Started out rainy, sometimes hard, but dried up in the mountains.  It was cloudy all day, though, and sometimes hard to get a great picture, but it was magnificent. And we had a good group. All of us were approximately the same age.  Two couples from Australia traveling together, and then going on a large Mediterranean cruise later  to Greece, Israel, Oman, Dubai, and Suez Canal.  Then there also was a couple from Ottawa Canada, he is from France, she is French Canadian.  They are also going on the same cruise.  Out guide was Marco, and he was funny and helpful.  We all had lots of laughs.  A fun 8 + hours.

So, on the water bus on the way to the van, we saw some unusual things:img_5132img_5136img_5154

First stop img_5222

Hot chocolate.  I’m not sure if there was any milk in it at all. It seemed like pure chocolate, melted.  Almost like warm pudding.



Roadside memorialimg_5534img_5538

Another month and this place will be crowdedimg_5562img_5570

Canadian couple and our guideimg_5612

Lunch.  We ate with the Canadian couple.  They had potato pizza.  We had Calzone.  This is 1/2 of it.img_0311img_0309

Another way of flushing–push down on tubeimg_5624

Church in Cortinaimg_5636

Fresh mountain waterimg_5713

Cortina was site of Olympics 1956img_5695

Ski jumpimg_5704


Back in Venice, we saw a cigarette machine! Not the highlight of our day, but interesting to usimg_0333


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