Goodbye, Venice; Hello,Trieste

Just like everyone else on the Rialto Bridge, our Selfie!img_0339img_0344

Another flusherimg_0345

Begging on the train (which I’m sure is illegal), some guy passed these out in the train car, then came back around asking for $.  I gave him his slip of paper back.  img_5797

Johns first Slavonic beer at lunch in Triesteimg_0351

My Cous Cous–delicious-also from Slovania chefimg_0352

Johns Borek – stuffed with formaggio  and spinachimg_0353

Our room in Trieste

Giant bathroom with 2 sinks img_0359

balcony facing the Adriatic – we have 180 viewimg_0362

View from our room–greatly zoomed.img_6645

Nut job swimming in front of hotelimg_5837

When I applauded said nut job, his wife did, too.   Good thing I didn’t know what he was saying.img_5849

Near our hotel is Miramare Castle, built in mid 1800’s for Austrian Archduke Ferdinand Maximillian and his wife, Charlotte of Belgium, later Emperor Maximillian I and Empress Carlotta of Mexico.  We walked ther by the shore.img_5893img_5917img_5997img_6021img_5952img_5958img_5966

Don’t know  what this is, he was hanging out by the seagulls.img_5883

The tiny bit of sun and sunset we sawimg_6059

View to our hotel (in the middle) from the castleimg_6073

Trieste from the castle img_6090

I don’t know what was going on, but we missed it.img_6115

Dinner at our hotel (reservations required-although we were the only ones there at 7:00 PM-the early bird version of European dinners)  My delicious ravioli with  things and bacon.  It was great.  I think that thing is fried cheese.img_0374

Johns desert-ice cream with fruitimg_0377

My creme brûlée img_0379


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