Nazi Death Camp, Literary Caffe

Outside our window this morning. . . .img_6131img_6135

a small portion of our breakfastimg_0381

Ewww  Pate IS Gross, and it says so right on the pkg!img_0384


We spent some time this morning at the Risiera di San Sabbo.  It was the only Italian Nazi Death Camp.  Not as large as Dachau and not as many deaths, but just as sobering and sad.  Reminded us again, “Never More”.   There seems to be so much hatred and bigotry in the world right now.We must stay vigilant.img_6148img_6175img_6179img_6203img_6212img_6314img_6326img_6328

Then, back to old Trieste to find the haunts of James Joyce.  Two coffee houses, and other places.  But first, a reminder why I love home.img_6149

One  of the famous cofffee houses, Caffe deli Specch, opened in 1939.  It is right on the main Piazza Unita d Italia.img_6423

Whitney, another possibility for you.img_6435

John is getting tired of Pasta, but this is just wrong.img_6458img_6459

We might have to stay.img_6449

A couple of options.  img_6462

I guess we’ll stay where we are.img_6464

We walked a ways trying to find this caffe,  which opened in 1900.   James Joyce started to draft “Ulysses” here.  It was closed. But the owner saw us peeking in, and let us look around.  It is now a tiny pasticceria now.  She was very sweet and we thanked her profusely img_6470img_6479img_6483

Walking back, we found a HUGE market and Christmas market, and enjoyed the profusion of colors and options.img_6510

Nearby was the grand canal (not the same as Venice), but who should we find, but James Joyce!  John had a nice little chat with him.img_6533

After the coffee houses . . . .img_6555

Back at the hotel, I simply had to go out into the Adriaticimg_0410

While John stood by in case I drowned.img_0411

Clouds were coming in, but I got to see a little sunset.  Today has been the only sunny day so far, but weather hasn’t affected anything except sunsets.img_0404img_3901img_3905


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