Finally, something sold in the public bathroom I’d use.img_0415

John has issues with the tiny bathroom on the bus to Slovenia, but he used it–twiceimg_6698

Glad we weren’t going here, cause I couldn’t ask the driver if we were on the right busimg_6724

Once in Ljubljana, we went to one of the churchesimg_6756

Then took the funicular to the castle overlooking the town.  Notice all the covered tents in the lower left?  Christmas market, food market.img_0422

Little. Free Library img_0419

I have no idea, but everyone was full of laughterimg_6921

Wonderful restaurant we foundimg_0426

John had barley soupimg_0432

I had beef stew with gnocchi.  It was great.img_0433

this ugly building is apartments img_6851

Ljubiana has 3 famous bridges. This one has funky statues and many locks of loveimg_6883

Mostly beautiful town, with an area full of artsy graffiti img_6954

Didn’t go in, but interested in their menuimg_6736img_6970

Another little free library, but this one was lonesomeimg_6955

Um . . . img_6949

One of the other bridges is the Dragon Bridge.  The dragon is everywhere in the city, and local legend is about Jason and the Argonauts img_6940

Street musicianimg_6909

2nd bridge with the locksimg_6781


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