A full day just getting to our last hotel

In addition to the 4 tables laden with delicious cereals, pastries, meats, cheeses and fruits, John ordered this for breakfast.  Eggs with veg–a big azz mushroom and other things.img_0435

Our Hotel Miramare from the outside.  We were on the middle floor on the left.  Ocean is just across the street.  Amazingly, we paid under $100.00 for any room on our stay.img_0439

I refused to try this restaurant, but it had customers every night.  Called “Old Wild West”


We got really good at getting our train tickets from a machine–as long as we used cash.  It didn’t like our credit card for some reason. Luckily, none of our train tickets were more than $20 each.img_0442

Said goodbye to our Benz–the city bus.img_7008

Waiting at the train station, guess which John had and which I bought.img_7015

Also at the train station, a woman in her tights and real fur coat.img_0445

Another possibility for Whitneyimg_0447

Trainride back to Venice Mestre-alpsimg_7091img_7087

These trees are planted for paper making–they called them poplar, but they seem like our birchimg_7058img_7044img_7042

With the sea beside her, she only looked at her phoneimg_7025

A very handy hand dryerimg_0449

In Mestre.  We didn’t eat there.  Just fundamentally wrongimg_7132

Our room for the last nightimg_7147img_7150img_7151


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