Home, and happy.

Although we love to visit new places, I am so glad we are home where there is no discord, political unrest, bathrooms you can count on, where all citizens love each other, perfect accommodations, where we know our system is perfect and we all speak English.  Wait a minute . . . .

Made me want to sing.  Luckily, John stopped me.img_0502

From Veronaimg_0088-copy-copyimg_0500

MORE COW BELLS!!!!img_0498img_0495

I’ve never had  little Heinnie beforeimg_0494

It ain’t just usimg_0062-copy-copy

Not for meimg_0470-copy

We ate here. High above Florence.  Hope this review was good!img_0042-copy-copy


Our driver to the airport in Veniceimg_0469-copy

No one owns a camera anymoreimg_0035-copy-copy

Nothing to sayimg_0464-copy

Street Spudsimg_6938

Street Dude in Sloveniaimg_6909

Pronounced Lub-e-ah-nahimg_6843img_6688

I hate these.  Floors are often gross.img_6555

A color TV, and a washer and dryer in every home.img_7151

Spent a lot of time in our Benz—various busesimg_7008



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