One last post, with some favorite pics


They really need Diet Coke. img_0095

Delish Pestoimg_0096

Best lasagna.  Wish I knew what it was.img_0097

From our hotel elevator in Verona.  Just what is an emotional shower?  Unlimited hot water?img_0116

Pinko Commieimg_0178

Unbelieveable.  Every potty stopimg_0242

Where we wen on our Alps outiingimg_0250

Chocolate mustache img_0273

Porthole from our room in Trieste.  From the bedroom to the bathroom.  Or, the opposite way, from the bathroom to the ocean through the bedroomimg_0367

The cruise we didn’t take from Triesteimg_0471

This would be John, I guess, since I didn’t buy anyimg_0473

On Swiss Airlines.  I guess they aren’t superstitious.  And I didn’t die.img_0479


Don’t fall for this.  These “old” ladies were everywhere, never showing their faces to show they weren’t really old.img_2322

Cute 3 wheeled trucksimg_2593

At Florence indoor market, before I took a floor dive.  No injuries, but concerned vendors.img_2597

What the what?!?!?!img_2604

Tuscany againimg_2862

Tuscany at the farmhouse for lunchimg_2864

No, torture wasn’t just one more museum.  We didn’t have time to visit this one, but also remembered the most awesome torture museum in Rothenburg, Germany.img_2879


Early upright piano from Uffisiimg_2392

Florence on the other sideimg_3274

Unfortunately, they were closed.img_3583

Anything for a Euroimg_3618

Required at Juliette’simg_3820

For your letters to Juliette, looking for love.img_3877


Another mummy handimg_4226

Casino in Venice-we didn’t go. Venice was already getting plenty of our $img_4374

One of my favorites–again.  Our view from our hotel in Venice.img_4423

Break time on the canalimg_4494

Dungeon at the Doges Palaceimg_4667

Everyday livingimg_4736

At a wonderful cafe in Trieste.  Leak under the seats.  Think this would pass inspection in Springfield?img_5064

Alps shot img_5753

From Castle in Triesteimg_5940

Nice shot, except for the sprinkles on the camera lensimg_6569

Didn’t spend our money here, either.img_6739

Cold in Ljubljana, but people still eat outside because it’s cheaper.  But, you get a nice fur wrap or blanket to keep you warm.img_6936





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