Full day in Toronto

Out the door early and to Chinatown and Kensington Market.  We were there pretty early,  and it wasn’t hopping then.  However, we could really see the art on all the buildings, sculptures made from scrap, very eclectic homes, restaurants, and stores.

We walked on down to the pier at Lake Ontario and took a ride on the Kajama.  It was fun and relaxing, if not a bit funky with Jackson 5 music before one of the college-age crew got out his guitar and played a variety of songs, covers and his own.  Boating or sea songs would have been appropriate, but they didn’t ask me.

Near the ball park

Toronto Blue Jays stadium–dome was open for the game.  It was fine.  John had to try the poutine.

The CN Tower from the ballpark.  

A closer look

A really close look.  That’s crazy.  And those nuts paid for the experience, too.


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